In the recording studio. . .

Pianist and arranger Shelly Markham during recording session.

Richard and Maripat take a break between songs.

Shelly with Maripat during recording session.

Shelly, Maripat, and Richard listen to playback from recording session with engineer Paul Tavenner. 

The creative team during a recording session for Maripat and Richard's "Here's to Love" CD. From left to right, Paul Tavenner (Big City Recording Studios), Kevin Axt (Bass), Matt Hornbeck (Guitar, Banjo), Maripat Davis, Richard Osborn, Shelly Markham (Arranger & Pianist), Jon Stuart (Drums, Percussion). Not pictured: Phil Feather (Sax, Flute, Clarinet) and Linda Taylor (Guitar, Dobro).