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An eclectic and romantic mix of songs from Pop, Country, Broadway and even originals from Hollywood and the Golden Age of Television, performed with the intimacy, humor and warmth unique to this American cabaret duo.

Album Reviews

“Here’s To Love is a box of Godiva chocolate for your ears. Maripat Davis and Richard Osborn have created a lovely audio experience… excellent and surprising song choices… elegant arrangements. You can tell these two people know and like each other very much. And their vocal blend is delicious. Sit back, let your shoulders drop, and smile as you listen to the pleasures this CD holds in store. HERE’S TO LOVE indeed!”

Amanda McBroom

Award-winning songwriter/singer

• • •

“Maripat and Richard make singing together sound easy (and it isn’t). Their voices were made for each other—warm and musical and as comfortable as fuzzy bedroom slippers! Their first CD (beautifully produced by Shelly Markham) is full of highlights, with maybe my favorite being an imaginatively re-worked Old Devil Moon. Enjoy!”

Mark Winkler

Award-winning singer/lyricist

• • •

“Maripat and Richard exude a special type of chemistry which is captured within this album.  They not only have a beautiful way of blending when they sing together, but they each have a unique personality when they sing solo.


Their musicality notwithstanding, their interpretation and embodiment of the message of each song is where they really excel.  Yes, they are fantastic musicians in their own right, but getting the message across on songs with unique lyrics is no easy task.  Take a listen to “Here’s To Love” and you’ll hear that musicality and chemistry I speak of, but more importantly, you’ll hear their skills of interpretation.  This is what makes their album worthy of your time to listen.

Paul Tavenner, Producer/Engineer

Big City Recording Studio

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“A Classy Collection! The teaming of Davis and Osborn on Here's to Love is a symphony of riches from the Great American Songbook. A classy collection.”

Michael Sterling

State of the Arts LA


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"Old Devil Moon" Video


“Maripat Davis is a dynamite performer—the voice, the looks, the style!”

   Country Music USA

• • •

“Davis’ fiery hot energy makes for quite a show!”

   Theatre Scene Magazine

• • •

“Maripat Davis is sheer delight.”

   Star Free Press

“Richard Osborn is dashing and romantic.”

   Los Angeles Times

• • •

“Richard Osborn exudes a refreshing heartiness and charm.”

   Backstage West

• • •

“Style and integrity, imperceptibly blended.”

   Los Angeles Times